Gallagher to hold "Cyber Risk Management for the Manufacturing Industry" webinar

By Gallagher
schedule22nd Sep 20

Manufacturing risk management specialists Gallagher are holding a "Cyber Risk Management for the Manufacturing Industry" webinar on 7th October, free to Made in Group members. Industry-leading attendees also have the chance to network in smaller groups during the session. 

Connectivity offers tremendous potential for manufacturers, however, it also poses some potential threats. Hosted by Gallagher’s Cyber Risk Consultant Johnty Mongan, in conjunction with the Made in Group, the event includes a live demonstration of the methods used by cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities, a summary of the current threat landscape and practical advice for manufacturing businesses to increase their technical protection and educate their workforces.

Manufacturing in the UK and Ireland has become the most attacked sector - representing almost a third of all cyber attacks1. Nearly half of manufacturers have been the victim of cyber-crime, and a quarter has suffered some financial loss or disruption to business as a result, according to a new report2. Cybercriminals have also adapted quickly to exploit further vulnerabilities bought about by COVID-19 such as remote working.

Join Gallagher and the Made in Group on 7th October at 14:30 - 16:00 to get involved. The event will entail:

  • Welcome from MIG director
  • Presentation form AJG
  • Questions to the host
  • Introduction from each attendee
  • Using breakout rooms via Zoom guests will be split into small groups for 10-15 min network
  • Final thoughts

Speakers for the event will be Johnty Mongan, Cyber Risk Consultant and Richard Grosvenor, Manufacturing Lead from Gallagher. 

Click here to join the "Cyber Risk Management for the Manufacturing Industry" webinar. 

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