Gallagher Insurance Brokers and Made in the Midlands Forge a Powerful Partnership

By Gallagher
schedule22nd Jan 24

In a strategic move to reinforce support for the thriving manufacturing community in the Midlands, Gallagher Insurance Brokers have announced an exciting development—a dedicated point of contact for members of Made in the Midlands. This initiative aims to enhance engagement and provide specialised assistance to manufacturing businesses in the region, solidifying a long-term partnership between Gallagher and Made in the Midlands.

Steve West, the newly appointed head of engagement at Gallagher, shared insights into his role and the significance of manufacturing for the insurance sector. Having joined Gallagher two years ago, Steve was promoted to the position of Sales Lead for Birmingham in December, overseeing a team focused on new business growth within the Birmingham area.

Gallagher works with more than 4,200 manufacturing and heavy engineering businesses throughout the UK. Steve emphasised the company's commitment to being more than just a broker; they strive to be an extension of their clients' businesses, providing face-to-face services and understanding the unique challenges faced by manufacturers.

Members can meet Steve and Gallagher at various events throughout the year, and he will also be on hand at the Manufacturing Growth Strategies event on the 3rd April 2024, which will be taking place at Crowe UK LLP in Oldbury.

The partnership aligns seamlessly with Made in the Midlands' mission to champion British industry. Gallagher's dedication to supporting local businesses and their involvement with Made in the Midlands reflects a shared commitment to fostering growth within the manufacturing sector.

Steve West brings two decades of insurance expertise to his role, primarily in new business development. His background in understanding the intricacies of corporate entities, particularly in the manufacturing sector, positions him as a valuable asset in Gallagher's pursuit of engaging with larger global businesses.

While insurance may be perceived as a commodity, Gallagher distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive risk management services beyond insurance products. From Health and Safety support to Cyber Risk Management, Trade Credit and assistance with mergers and acquisitions, Gallagher serves as a consultant, addressing a spectrum of business needs.

The ever-evolving economic landscape presents new challenges, such as trade risks and supply chain disruption. Gallagher's approach involves a thorough understanding of each client's business, allowing them to tailor solutions to mitigate specific risks effectively.

Underinsurance emerges as a common risk factor for manufacturing companies. Gallagher collaborates with valuation services to ensure clients are adequately covered, actively working to prevent underinsurance issues in buildings, machinery, and other assets.

Clients who have worked with Steve West and Gallagher describe the partnership as an extension of their business rather than a transactional relationship. Regular communication, webinars, and topical seminars contribute to the visibility and accessibility that Gallagher maintains throughout the year.

Despite Gallagher’s global stature, the company maintains a community-focused approach, staying deeply connected with clients on the ground.

Looking ahead to 2024, Steve envisions Gallagher as the go-to insurance broker for the manufacturing sector, continuing to drive growth and support clients' evolving needs. As the manufacturing sector faces uncertainties, Gallagher remains a dedicated partner, providing innovative solutions and committed support to ensure businesses can navigate challenges with confidence.

In conclusion, the partnership between Gallagher Insurance and Made in the Midlands signifies a commitment to the growth and success of the manufacturing community in the Midlands. With Steve at the forefront, Gallagher is poised to deepen its engagement and provide tailored solutions, reinforcing its position as a trusted partner for manufacturing businesses in the region.


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